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Welcome, dear reader! You’ve found the online home for the original web novel, “Halflight”. 

I’m your author, C –& I’m so excited to have you here reading this epic adventure along with me!


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Web Integration

Here are a few of the new features to help you navigate while you read.


– NEW Chapters & Podcast Episodes –

{posting schedule: every 2nd Thursday}


Have no fear! All-new chapters, along with the corresponding podcast episodes, will be posted here every two weeks. When the new content is posted, the author will also open the discussion forum at our community, so come join the buzz about it. If you want to keep up with the latest updates and new content, subscribe to our newsletter.


– Interludes, Histories & Ficlets –

found in our Extended Fiction Library
{optional content}


Outside of the web novels themselves, we have special fiction “shorts” that expand the story past what is depicted in the chapters, such as , and .

Delving into this expanded reading content is completely optional, and won’t interfere with your understanding or enjoyment of the novel by itself. It was created for fun and to go deeper into the mythology and the world than the novel could do on it’s own.

You will find direct links to the history, interludes and ficlets in each chapter where they apply. To bypass them, simply click the link for the following chapter. You can also browse our expanded library here, (updated as the novel progresses) if you are in search of more reading material.



– Inline Wiki Links & Halflight Glossary –

found at our Series Mythology Wiki


When you see the wiki tag appear in chapters, that is a link to jump to our Series Mythology wiki for more information on that topic, canon or historical reference. Use of the wiki tags is optional. While browsing the wiki, click on the corresponding chap tag in the article and it will bring you back to the point in fic where you left off.

Smaller terms will be included in the Halflight Glossary, and you can simply hover over them to see the information while reading.


– Podcast & Soundtracks –

This is a feature “in-progress” but we are working on getting the soundtracks and podcasts embeds in place within each chapter, so you can listen as you read (if that is your preference).

For now, the newest episode of the Podcast can be found at the main site, and we invite you to subscribe for consistent updates.

The Halflight soundtracks are found on the {Always & Forever} Spotify and can be listened to by clicking on the playlist.




– Co-Writers, Roleplay Attribution & Discussion –

Development for our membership program through Patreon is still “in-progress” but one exclusive feature/bonus we are super-excited about are the co-writer and roleplay platforms, which will allow enthusiastic readers to vicariously join in or read as much or little of this world as they choose.

This feature is, of course, optional to our patrons/members, but will allow them to access locked areas of the site where they can contribute their own works of fiction or add characters to the universe (or just read locked content), as well roleplay their ‘s with other readers, with lots of other cool nifty features as bonuses.

In some cases, these characters may be eligible for walk-on multi-chapter roles within the novels, and eligible for a co-writer credit within the novel and to add canon and other content across our expanded fiction, wiki and other sites. We hope to launch the Patreon soon and will keep our prospective members

General commenting is not allowed on the novel or sub-sites, but our discussion forum is open and we encourage any and all feedback warmly. (p.s. the author hangs out there loads!) What do you think of the novel, the world or its characters?

Questions, discussions, feedback and awesomeness are welcome at our community forum and registration is completely free. Register here or visit the forums as our guest to take a look around.

Pardon our Dust {where applicable}

Many renovations are coming, but in the meantime there may be broken links, weird functions or web objects that don’t load right as we experiment and work out the kinks.


If you encounter something hinky, you can drop our webmaster a line at the main site and we’ll try to get it taken care of asap.




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