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Although I’m occasionally reminded by those who know the whole history that Halflight came from a television show –“once upon an alternate lifetime ago”— now I can hardly believe that’s true.

The short-lived but unmistakably brilliant CBS television series Moonlight may have firstconceptualized and supplied visual aids for my world of Halflight—but, to be honest, that was so long ago as to feel like a different lifetime to me! Even despite that even the title of my fiction Halflight is a clear homage to Moonlight (as is the early book logo I created to match the TV series logo as closely as possible). Friends remind me that I wrote it as a fanfic, and I don’t remember that anymore, truly! I’ve lived this world for so long now, that the epic saga that became Halflight changed my life and moved far past the episodes, much deeper and more detailed than where the television series originally took it.


Moonlight | Series Logo
the original moonlight series logo


Halflight | Fic Logo
hmm? where have I seen this before?


Credit where due, Moonlight (the TV-universe and its wonderfully addictive episodes) opened my eyes to the idea of vampire as characters in a revolutionary way: rewriting them as genetically-altered people, rather than horror movie monsters! I grew up as the “sugary, Disney-princess-lovin’, happily-ever-after daydream” kind of girl, and of all the fictional worlds I’d end up personifying in my lifetime, I’d never have guessed “vampires”—that’s for damn sure! Doesn’t sound anything like me.


It’s bizarre I picked a “so-called horror genre” as my favorite. Admittedly, Halflight is very dark in some spots—but that is the nature of a good book. Every chapter can’t be puppies and rainbows. In maturity, I realized my tastes have changed too. Every good, intense fairytale merits a touch of darkness, ala/Grimms Brothers. If Snow White never ate the poisoned apple, her Prince Charming couldn’t have saved her. So, this fairytale was modern, sexy, gothic and all kinds of “big-girl, grown-up” fun! 🥰


Also to its credit, Moonlight built characters so memorable and delightful I was compelled to find a way to meet them in person. That is due in no small part to the TV show which was extraordinarily well cast and deserved a much bigger fame than it got. It was all a special kind of magic from the beginning although I wouldn’t come to recognize it ‘til I touched and lived the fic world for myself.


What I do remember about my universe, upon my very first thought, is that Halflight was born of a dream—and so it was! I had a dream so vivid, 3-dimensional and REAL that I thought it was really happening until I suddenly awoke –my very first experience living and touching the world— the first of many “visions” to follow in many forms: dreams, live-action role-playing and waking daydreams! It proved so exhilarating and exciting I couldn’t wait to commit my “awesome dream” to paper, like an excited girl trying to journal her best day ever, while the memories of what just happened were sharp and fresh in her mind!


The epic story followed, and it’s all but me journaling my “alternate life / best day ever” in detail over a five year span! 😊 It helps me keep those memories are vivid and fresh, and it’s not definitely sparing on word count—but I make no apologies or excuses for length, content, plot twists or anything else because I wrote it down FOR ME exactly as a diary, to remember Halflight as it happened and ultimately, to get to relive it all again!


It is, and was, and remains always “my best day ever”—and I love to reread and relive often. The epic prose and staggering paragraphs are there to vividly repaint the memories in my mind, not just today, but twenty years later if I’m still rereading Halflight then, and I quite suspect that I will be (possibly working on the 5th sequel but you did not hear me sayin’ that!) 😏

What I couldn’t anticipate was that the narrative would be like the original dream that birthed it all the way through; a living experience followed by me getting it to paper while still fresh—sometimes even the experience happening in my mind while I’m actually penning it, leaving me the author as surprised by unfolding events as the reader is! What I might say or do (as Cassidy) next? Like with reality, I simply can’t tell you until the chapter is finished!

Five years later, the magic of Halflight is still going strong! I can tell you that Halflight (has and does) “writes itself”—the terminology I use for the way it feels like it actually happened “somewhere else” and I’m just journaling the events down as they unfold. The best part for me is that I get to live in it too (albeit to a limited extent—“vicariously” some might call it).

In the end, I call it “magic” more because it’s a gift that I don’t understand. “Magic” stands for “supernatural and inexplicable”. I don’t know where it comes from or why I can do it and other people can’t, so I can’t clearly explain it to people either. All I know is it comes to me and it’s special. I know that through it, I’ve found amazing family, loyalty and friendship. I’ve deeply loved with my whole heart, and been truly loved in return. What could be more “magic” or “special” than that?

Whether my fairytale will “end happily” or even “end” at all, I couldn’t tell you. I haven’t reached that point, so it’s a mystery and a journey to me still and I’m in as much suspense as the reader. I can tell you I don’t regret a minute and like you, I just can’t wait to see what happens next!

Halflight will always be my most complex, challenging, emotional, deep, beautiful, fulfilling thing I ever created—in short and in my extremely-biased opinion, it’s my greatest personal work and triumph! I’m emotionally bound to it and exceptionally proud of it! To have written it as “freeware” solely for my own pleasure was utterly empowering—it provided the organic, educational writing experience you can’t get in any classroom. It shaped, honed and schooled me as a writer more than I ever thought possible.

Editors and publishers tear manuscripts apart to make them marketable but to hell with that! Halflight is NO trade paperback and never will be: it remains a Journal & Personal Journey—my verbal scrapbook and a profuse labor of love! I adhere to no rules or style but my own! I chose every word with care for the beauty and artistry of how the story is told, and only when I as the author and journaler am happy and satisfied with it is the work in itself complete! It is not for sale—it comes from my heart and that can never be bought or sold.

To close, I hope you enjoy Halflight’s “magic spell” by reading it as much as I have by living it, then by writing it all down. It’s a magnificent story all in all, and so I’ve learned, like all truly magnificent stories, it takes a very, very long time to tell it just right. 😍


With all my love,

C the Author


Halflight Copyright © by Cassidy Michaels O'Shea. All Rights Reserved.