Halflight | Adults Only!

WARNING: This Web Novel is Rated “R” (Restricted Content)

** Reader Discretion is Strongly Advised **

Some chapters contain graphic depictions of violence including: character death(s); strong adult language;
explicit sexual content; strong visual imagery; references to vampires, blood consumption and intense gothic horror.

{*note: chapters containing explicit content will be rated top of the chapter in RED

Honestly though, this advisory is more common courtesy than a straight-up warning. The explicit chapters are rare and far between.

I do have this advisory on all the Halflight materials (‘cuz manners!) but both the violence and horror elements are kept to a strict minimum and utilized only when necessary. I do prefer bright and humorous to my reading (AND writing) than dark and nasty and I’ve been assured by my beta readers that far outweighs the darker story elements.

STILL- since this is an ADULT vampire-mystery-romance, it’d be just weird if those elements weren’t there. I mean . . . vampires . . . (still falls under gothic horror genre, so).


I understand- not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not too late to turn back but you have been warned. For those who want to enjoy reading the rest but skip the graphic content, those specific chapters will be flagged with their content rating at the top IN RED. 




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