Book Title: Halflight

Subtitle: an original web novel

Author: Cassidy Michaels O'Shea

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Book Description: Cassidy discovers vampires are real after witnessing one kill her mother at age 8. Now, after years of slaying vampires as revenge, she finds one with a heart of gold: vampire PI Mick St. John. Together, they must solve a 25-year mystery involving her mother's murder, his crazy ex-wife, her father's disappearance and much more.

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Cassidy Michaels O’Shea is a vampire slayer from a long line of slayers, who finds her life intimately linked to that of vampire private investigator Mick St. John. After witnessing her mother’s murder as a child & believing St. John to be the culprit, she goes after St. John to slay him as vengeance but the two end up teaming together instead in order to find answers about the real killer as they develop feelings for one another in the process.

To further complicate matters, an ancient vampire weapon is involved, capable of killing any vampire thus making the matter of grave concern to the Vampire Society as a whole. Also, both vampire kingpin Josef Konstantin & Cassidy’s best friend, CalU professor in mythology & literature, Ariel Quigont, get involved and spark some friction of their own.

Cassidy finds her quest more complicated than she imagined which she sparks the romantic interest of both an ancient & dangerous Vampire Prince and a young, previously-handicapped, hacker vampire who is helping out with her case, and she becomes the apex of a love triangle between Mick and this handsome hacker bent upon stealing her heart & turning her distrust of the vampires completely around, let alone her very world.

Meanwhile, Mick follows clues which suggest his crazy, believed-dead vampire ex-wife may be involved in the whole affair and digs up the undead family skeletons, including a daughter he never knew about. A second long-lost, ancient weapon becomes the bone of contention & the five of them find themselves facing a threat that may prove to be more formidable than any of them have ever encountered before.  Will they survive their encounter with a powerful Vampire Prince & recover both the Ring & Necklace of Vlad Dracula before it can destroy the entire Vampire Society?


Cassidy Michaels O'Shea


Halflight Copyright © by Cassidy Michaels O'Shea. All Rights Reserved.


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